School’s out!

The last day of school! Do you remember how that felt? I was able to see it first hand yesterday at a local elementary school. The second graders were super excited about it.  They could hardly wait for the end of the day.

I know how it felt to me. An entire year of work trying to get from one day to the next, trying not to learn too much while also trying to make my folks happy. But when summer hit, the feeling of freedom was overwhelming.

I can so remember how long it seemed like each year waiting for the end of it. And the summer seemed to go so quickly. Days at the pool, walking barefoot through the cool grass, sleeping till noon… summers were awesome!

But, whenever summer ended, school unfortunately began again. Back to the books, the studying, the tests. Summer break never seemed to last long enough. Year after year, season after season, back to the blackboard.

Elementary school bleeds into Middle School leads to High School followed by college and for some even grad school. Eventually, the training ends and school is out for good.

Now days, I long for those wonderful days with the rhythm of school and summer break. I would love to get back to the days of preparation for life, when someone else was responsible for taking care of everything.

But, eventually training has to end and the purpose of the training must be put to the test. It is not enough just to be educated. We have to use it to live the life.

Jesus said that “Students are not greater than their teacher. But the student who is fully trained will become like the teacher.”  The purpose of all our training is to become like our teacher.

A true student has not arrived till he or she applies the lessons to real life.  The mark of our learning is our living. Are we living like the true teacher?

School’s out!

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