Lessons from the nursery

It is a good morning… the sun is shining outside (we had rain late in the afternoon yesterday in Chicago) and we are up and at it.  It is vacation and I am enjoying my time with the boys.  Fun times!

Yesterday, Ollie and I went to the park and played in the water… Nice water park for little kids. I love watching him watch other kids. He was fascinated by their activities and then he got involved himself sticking his hand in the water and getting close to the sprayers.

It was like getting involved in multiple sprinklers but way cooler sprinklers than I have ever been in.  Of course, I had to follow him around, hence getting very wet myself in the process. Thanks Ollie for the excuse!

I did have to change Ollie’s dirty diaper today. Even that became an adventure. Try holding down a little 13 month old kid while you are trying to take off the old one and put on a new one while cleaning away the “stuff.” I swear the kid has four hands!

It is so much fun watching him and Skyler explore the world around them. So neat to try to see the world through their eyes. They are so fresh and so ready for whatever comes next.  I love how they are taking it all in, trying to figure it all out.

They are giving me life simply by watching them experience life with such abandonment.  They head after life at full throttle, nothing held back.  And they trust the adults around them to help them figure out boundaries and be there when they extend themselves too far.

What happened to that?  Why are we so reserved?  I hope I can learn my lesson from these two little balls of energy… Time to go find out what else I can learn…

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