Guatemala Recap

So we have finished the project!  I had hoped to Blog each day about the experience but did not have access to WiFi so not possible. I will try to catch up some of the experiences of the last four days.

Day 1: Spent the morning going to the community and laying out the project.  We spent most of the time meeting people and doing a  bunch of prep work.  The seven member drilling team prepared the ground by digging ditches that would control the flow of water and then we drilled the pilot hole some 135 feet in order to find  water. The hygiene team began to teach the women and children of the village.

Day 2: Drilled the larger hole that would eventually fit the PVC pipe that would form the paramaters of the well.  Working side by side with the men of the village.  Playing with tons of kids.  The village prepared us a great lunch of Tilapia.

Day 3:  Opened up the water aquifer using a huge generator to pump out the water into the street, getting rid of all the rock and sand.   Kids had a blast playing in the water!  Great connections with the people by now… they really seem to dig us.

Day 4:  Final preparations of the well with the smaller pipe inserted within the PVC and the pump mechanism placed within the pipe.  Finally put the pump in place and I  was able to pump the first glass of water from the new well!  We had a final celebration with the people before jumping in the van and heading back north to Antigua.

Crazy great week so far and can’t even begin to tell all the details.  I am amazed at how  our team has bonded with the people here as well as the rest of our team from Houston!  I amazed that God had prepared this water from the beginning of time ready for this group to come and get to it in order to help a village have clean water.  I amazed at the way Christ’s love continues to blow us all away.

We will never be the same!

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