Here in Guatemala!

So we have arrived in Guatemala and have spent our first night in this beautiful country! We have an awesome group made up of 7 from our church and 4 from Houston.  We have already jelled as a group and it feels like God put us together!

We arrived at the airport in Guatemala City and made our way down south of the city to Antigua.  We had a great breakfast this morning in town and then wandered the city looking at some of the sites… Check us out here with the active valcano in the background.

We will soon be heading over to a bilingual church for worship. Our leaders from Guatemala have been incredibly gracious and are just a lot of fun to be around.  They prepared an authentic Guatemalan meal for us last night with homemade tortillas. Since I hadn’t eaten anything for breakfast, I literally made a pig of myself.

I have to admit, last night I was so tired that I slept the best sleep I have had for some time. The weather dipped near 50 degrees which made for some great sleeping weather.  I was with three other guys from our group so I took the added precaution of wearing earplugs to avoid their sounds as well as my own.

I am truly amazed at how God has been so instrumental in making this trip work out and the way our church made sacrifices in order to fund the drilling of the well!  Later today, we head down toward the coast to begin our work and I can’t wait to get my feet dirty, literally!

It will be exciting to see the people and to make connections.  We are certain to go away changed by our time down here.  Stay tuned for updates… as long as I have Wifi connections.  I guess it all is about connections when we get right down to it: Connections with God, connections with each other and connections with the world…

I am sure that Guatemala will be in our hearts before we return!

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