North Hills is a non-denominational church that believes in the authority of the Christian scriptures for our life and practice. We embrace essential orthodox Christian beliefs as best expressed in the Apostle's Creed and the Nicene Creed. We identify with a Movement known as the Church of God, based in Anderson, Indiana. Our Movement believes that the church must emphasize unity as brothers and sisters in Christ. We also believe that we are called to live a life of holiness—daily asking the Holy Spirit to make us more like Christ.


We believe baptism is for believers who have confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We baptize believers by immersion as an outward sign of death to sin and resurrection to a new life in Christ. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper as participation in and proclamation of the death and resurrection of our Lord until he comes. Anyone who is a follower of Jesus Christ is invited to participate. We believe foot washing is a beautiful reminder of the servant lifestyle to which Christ has called His followers. Acts 16:25-34, Rom. 6, I Corinthians 11:23, John 13:1-17

our mission

Do I need to dress a certain way?

No, absolutely not. Dress in a way that is comfortable to you.

What kind of music do you have?

We try to stay up to date with music that is relevant to the culture. We have a great variety! Some music is fast paced and energizing; other is reflective and inspiring. We try to set the atmosphere with creative lighting, video, and other visuals to help you fully engage with God during worship.

How long are your services?

We shoot for worship services that are about 70-75 minutes in length. Sometimes we go a little bit longer, and sometimes a bit shorter.

Do you have any strange beliefs?

If you are talking about snake handling and drinking weird Kool Aid, the answer is “no.” We think we do pretty normal stuff here. You won’t feel condemned to hell in our messages. We try to point the way to live like Jesus lived. If you want a quick breakdown of our basic beliefs, just click here

What about kids?

We have great stuff for children and students on Sundays, and at other times of the week. Our leaders really care about kids and students! Under the “Engage Each Other” section, click on“Kids” and “Students” to find out more.

If I come to your church, will someone bug me with propaganda?

We let you decide how much you want to be known. Take your time. Get to know who we are and then decide if and when you want to be on our mailing list.

Is the church just focused on itself?

We feel we are focused on our community. We believe that our church exists for the world! We are trying to make a difference locally, nationally and internationally.

Helping People Find Freedom

That is what we are all about at North Hills! We believe that people are imprisoned emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. Our goal is to help them find the freedom that Jesus came to give them. We believe we were made to live life to the fullest! We have taken on the mission Jesus set out to fulfill:

God’s Spirit is on me; He’s chosen me to preach the Message of good news to the poor, sent me to announce pardon to prisoners and recovery of sight to the blind, to set the burdened and battered free, to announce, “This is God’s year to act!”
Luke 4:18-19 The Message

As people come to experience this freedom, we’re here to help them engage! There are three parts of this engaging process. We need to:


This concept is also very motivated by scripture. Jesus says it this way:

“The most important commandment is this: ‘Listen, O Israel! The Lord our God is the one and only Lord. And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.’ The second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ No other commandment is greater than these.”
Mark 12:29-31 NLT

That covers the first and second part of the engage process; figuring out how to love God with everything we have (we call that “Engage with God”) and how to love others – really love them (we call that “Engage Each Other”). We want to help people on their journey to become His followers in this way.

Then, Jesus gave us marching orders. As He was preparing to leave this earth, He told us,

“Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.”
Mark 16:15 NLT

We need to go! We have a world around us that needs to hear the good news. We need to engage our world! We will do these two things: we will mobilize together for special times to reach North Phoenix; and we will help empower you to reach your community, your country, your world!

Meet Our Staff

Other than actually running the church, our main purpose as a staff here at North Hills is to know and serve YOU! We would love to get to know you, help you, or answer your questions the best we can. If you’d like to know a bit about each of us individually, feel free to click on a name to the right or a photo below!

North Hills Church Team
North Hills Church | Davey Family

Jim Davey

Lead Pastor

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North Hills Church | Hogencamp Family

Amanda Hogencamp

Office Manager

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Jeff Whye

Connections Pastor

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North Hills Church | Cole Family

Kathy Cole

Director of Kid's Ministry

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ashley and brendon

Ashley Becker

Director of Worship Arts

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Jarrod Bowman

Student Ministries Pastor

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North Hills Church | Brown Family

Lori Brown

Care Ministries Pastor

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Brandon Alexander

Facilities Manager

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