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Men’s Retreat 2017

North Hills Men’s Retreat, July 21-23

An awesome weekend is being planned for all men aged 13 and older in Strawberry, Arizona. The retreat starts at noon on Friday, the 21st and ends at noon on the Sunday, 23rd.  Cost is $90 for two nights and if you can only come for one night, $50.  It includes all lodging and meals.  Please contact the church office (602-863-6040) or Dave Quaranta ( for more information or to sign up!



Back to School Drive 2017

Back to School Drive

Each year NHC collects back to school supplies for needy children in our community.


Who do we help?

Washington School District

*John Jacobs Elementary School

*Shaw Butte Elementary School

*John Jacobs Elementary School

*Kids in our community


We will be accepting donations to fill back packs with essential school supplies all throughout the month of July.

Supplies Needed:

Individual pencil sharpener, washable markers, set of colored pencils, pencils, crayons, pocket folders, notebooks, pencil pouch, glue or glue sticks, scissors, box of tissues, hand sanitizer, lunch box.

Teacher Supplies:

White board markers, erasers, cleaner, 3 hole punch, paper clips, staples, post-its, tape, rubber erasers, white-out, loose leaf paper, copy paper, composition books, pencils, Tissues, hand sanitizer and soap, sanitizing  wipes, band-aids, blue and red pens, highlighters, Treasure Box Prizes (decorative pencils/erasers, inexpensive toys, stickers).


If you prefer to donate funds, make check payable to North Hills Church designated to School Supplies. $25.00 will cover the cost of one backpack filled with supplies.

Donations can be dropped off Monday through Thursday at the office or on Sunday, at the Welcome Center.

For questions or more information please contact Amanda at or call 602-863-6040





March/April Series on Sundays

Jesus made some pretty bold statements about himself.  His statements in the book of John all start with these words “I am…”  Then, he sets some things in motion that basically make it clear that he was not just an ordinary dude.  In fact, his “I am” statements change the entire world.  But, more specifically, his statements about himself change us.  Knowing who he is will change who I am!  Knowing who he is changes everything!  Join us over the next 8 weeks as we head toward Easter to find out how he wants to change you!



EVIDENCE: Glimpses of a Transformed Heart

Don’t simply make easily forgotten New Year’s resolutions!  Don’t just enter the New Year with good intentions.  Instead, join us as we help you assess where you are currently as a Christ Follower and how you can take specific next steps in your journey.  Find out how God wants to transform your life.  It is all about change!

Listen to the teaching from this series here.