Mexico Weekend Missions

Mexico Missions Trip, October 20-22

Come spend the weekend in beautiful Rocky Point, Mexico as we partner with Ocean View Ministry serving local families and churches. Cost is $99 and includes five meals and lodging. Watch for info meetings coming soon. For more information contact Donny Golden 602-793-3138.




March/April Series on Sundays

Jesus made some pretty bold statements about himself.  His statements in the book of John all start with these words “I am…”  Then, he sets some things in motion that basically make it clear that he was not just an ordinary dude.  In fact, his “I am” statements change the entire world.  But, more specifically, his statements about himself change us.  Knowing who he is will change who I am!  Knowing who he is changes everything!  Join us over the next 8 weeks as we head toward Easter to find out how he wants to change you!



EVIDENCE: Glimpses of a Transformed Heart

Don’t simply make easily forgotten New Year’s resolutions!  Don’t just enter the New Year with good intentions.  Instead, join us as we help you assess where you are currently as a Christ Follower and how you can take specific next steps in your journey.  Find out how God wants to transform your life.  It is all about change!

Listen to the teaching from this series here.