Christmas Eve Services

Come and join us this Friday for three opportunities to worship with family and friends.  The times are 4 p.m., 6 p.m. and 11 p.m.  Each worship service will be approximately one hour in length. They will include familiar carols, wonderful music, a short, relevant message and candle lighting.  The 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. services will provide childcare for those under age 3.  The 11 p.m. service is acoustic with softer lighting and is great for those who have to work on Christmas Eve.

We will be taking a special offering for Christ Birthday offering and for our international water project. All proceeds will go toward these two efforts to help change a life!  Invite others to join you this Christmas Eve!

28 Days to Live

What if you only had 28 days to live?  How would your life be different?  Would you take that trip you have procrastinated? Would you do something adventurous? Would you eat incredible amounts of food? Would you have that conversation with a special person? Would you draw closer to God?  What would you do?

Starting Monday, November 1 we’ll be spending time seeing what God can do when you make commitments to Him.  Read through the book of Mark following the guide below:

Sunday Talks

October 31:  Clear roads  (chapters 1-4)

Big Idea:  To truly live, we have to clear some obstacles

November 7:  Long Days  (chapters 5-8)

Big Idea: On the journey, we will face storms and set backs that we must choose to navigate.

November 14:  Important stuff  (chapters 9-12)

Big Idea: On the journey, we will be challenged to embrace the critical parts to living life fully.

November 21:  Good Beginnings  (chapters 13-16)

Big Idea: The journey to live life fully never ends.

Reading Plan

Day 1                        Mark 1:1-15

Day 2                        Mark 1:16-45

Day 3                        Mark 2

Day 4                        Mark 3: 1-19

Day 5                        Mark 3:20-35

Day 6                        Mark 4: 1-20

Day 7                        Mark 4: 21-41

Day 8                        Mark 5: 1- 20

Day 9                        Mark 5: 21 -43

Day 10                        Mark 6: 1-29

Day 11                        Mark 6: 30-56

Day 12                        Mark 7

Day 13                        Mark 8: 1-21

Day 14                        Mark 8: 22-38

Day 15                        Mark 9: 1-29

Day 16                        Mark 9: 30-50

Day 17                        Mark 10: 1-31

Day 18                        Mark 10: 32 -52

Day 19                        Mark 11

Day 20                        Mark 12: 1-17

Day 21                        Mark 12: 18-44

Day 22                        Mark 13

Day 23                        Mark 14: 1-26

Day 24                        Mark 14: 27-51

Day 25                        Mark 14: 52-72

Day 26                        Mark 15: 1-20

Day 27                        Mark 15: 21-47

Day 28                        Mark 16


  1. Read through the book of Mark in 28 days and hang out with God each day.
  2. Join a group of people for 28 days who will encourage you in the journey.
  3. Attend all worship services and listen to the teachings (podcast if can’t be there in person)
  4. Stuff fast:  Give up something that is unnecessary and possibly detrimental to you and your life of freedom:  Examples:  Caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol, TV, sugar, video games, Sex outside of marriage, etc.
  5. Make an investment in two ways with the stuff you fast:
    1. Invest in someone else by giving him or her your time.
    2. Give $10 more each week in offering… Some can do more, others less… Help our family be more effective in reaching our mission!