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" love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength"

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"Love your neighbor as yourself"

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“Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.”


Upcoming Events


VBS~International Spy Academy

Grab your secret decoder ring and put on your rearview mirror glasses because this year, your kids are heading to the International Spy Academy where they’ll train to become special agents for the one true God!   Join us June 2nd-6th, from 6-8:30pm.  Visit https://nhcog.ccbchurch.com/form_response.php?id=18 to register online or more information please contact Kathy Cole at […]



Our Next Baptism is June 1st, call us at 602-863-6040 to sign up! Have you ever seen those old commercials where someone is falling backwards into a pool or a lake? It’s usually in slow motion and the person looks completely relaxed and at peace. The caption usually reads something like “Taking the plunge!” That […]

Free Summer Camps 2014

Free Summer Fun Camps 2014

newcomers lunch 1

The Newcomer Thing

Join us Sunday, June 22nd, immediately following the morning service in the Hearth Room. This is an opportunity for new people to North Hills to discover more about who we and where we are going as a church. Lunch will be provided. If interested, please email Amanda@nhcog.com or call the church office at 602-863-6040.




March/April Series on Sundays Jesus made some pretty bold statements about himself.  His statements in the book of John all start with these words “I am…”  Then, he sets some things in motion that basically make it clear that he was not just an ordinary dude.  In fact, his “I am” statements change the entire […]


EVIDENCE: Glimpses of a Transformed Heart

Don’t simply make easily forgotten New Year’s resolutions!  Don’t just enter the New Year with good intentions.  Instead, join us as we help you assess where you are currently as a Christ Follower and how you can take specific next steps in your journey.  Find out how God wants to transform your life.  It is […]



During this busy month of  holidays our December series is exploring what truly fills us up. The Series includes: WEEK 1 – OVERWHELMED WEEK 2 – OVERDRAWN WEEK 3 – BUSYNESS WEEK 4 – OVER RUSHED CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE WEEK 5 – MAKE IT COUNT Listen to the teaching from this series here.

North Hills Church Teaching | Tough Questions - Seeking answers to life's questions

Tough Questions

Have you ever faced questions that defied answers? There are those nagging things in life that continue to bug us and our friends. Questions like “How do I know that God is real?” and “What is truth?” Tough to answer. Maybe you or someone you know is asking “Why am I here?” or “Where is […]